Our Mission

Our mission is to persuade people to act, in all aspects of their lives, in concert with social principles that advance Human Happiness, Harmony and Prosperity.

Our Vision

To see vibrant communities in which the cultural norm is to rely exclusively on voluntary relationships in the course of advancing their personal interests and values.  Individuals will categorically reject the use of all agents—personal, social, or political—who seek to initiate force or fraud on their behalf.

Our Message: Social Principles

  1. All living organisms, including human beings, have an innate drive toward greater flourishing, happiness and life satisfaction.
  2. Physical harm to a person always decreases his or her opportunity to flourish, to achieve happiness and life satisfaction.
  3. Stealing a person’s property always decreases his or her happiness or life satisfaction.

The Challenge

Although a vast majority of individuals recognize these fundamental realities of human nature, too many are unaware of the ways they are disregarded and the negative consequences for the happiness and life satisfaction of their fellows.

The Foundation exists to shed light on the myriad ways institutions and individuals within a "society" breach these principles, and how we each can pursue our own happiness without violating our most valued principles.